Chapel Crossings


Crown Community Development came to us with a unique concept: a modern community fashioned after a homestead village from historic Pasco County. Despite the thoroughly modern offerings of the homebuilders involved with the project, Chapel Crossings is a community that celebrates unhurried living. Thoughtfully laid-back amenities like a beach-entry pool and “lazy river” waterway hearken back to the sunnier, simpler pleasures of Florida life in an era before electricity.

We designed Chapel Crossings’ logo with a mix of elegant simplicity and an intriguingly dimensional “C” letterform. For the color palette, we concentrated on the natural colors of the Pasco County landscape — from fertile sand and tawny pine bark to deep forest shadow.


We wrote and designed a site with accompanying email and digital campaigns that explain this “intersection of today and tomorrow” with complementary art direction. Muted, seemingly memory-filtered colors and nature-centered themes combine with understated typography and welcoming copy to complete the Chapel Crossings feel.

Email Marketing | Digital Campaigns

We continue to update Chapel Crossings’ audience with regular updates to the site and email lists as builders introduce new progress across the community’s various neighborhoods. We gather leads from interested visitors and route them appropriately to Crown management.